John Kimbrough

According to John, “I was the guitar player, singer and songwriter for a band called Walt Mink.” Simple enough.

If you want to read a more elaborate bio, check out what he wrote on his website.

From an interview in the Satisfaction Guaranteed zine, issue #2 from 1993, John summed up the beginning of Walt Mink like this…

Joey and I knew each other before he came to Macalester. I went to Macalester for a couple of years. We had been friends before that, and then he decided to go to Macalester. So he came, and we played in bands before, and he was like “I’m coming to Macalaster, let’s play music.” And, I thought that, that was a great idea, so we just started messin’ around, writing songs and stuff. And, we were looking for a bass player and we really had trouble finding one. We couldn’t find somebody who would work out and who could learn songs fast enough or learn stuff that was hard to play. And then we heard that there was this person that just learned how to play bass, but she was really good. That was Candice and so we came up to her one night and asked her if she wanted to play with us and she said, “Duh…okay.” And so we get together and played a couple songs and it worked out really well. So that’s how it happened.

Check out the rest of the rest of the Satisfaction Guaranteed interview for more.

For additional Kimbrough magic, check out Teen Judge and Valley Lodge.

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