3/28/96 - SonicNet (IRC)

Found while digging through old alt.music.misc usenet archives.

Welcome to lounge!
Channel: lounge
The Topic is: WALT MINK: Thursday 3/28 @ 8 PM EST
CandyMink> Hey reason, I will sue you if your don't give me a big kiss
reason> i will kiss if i get my el productos
JohnMink> northfield rules, but B.I.U. rules more
reason> biu is that betties in underwear?
JohnMink>  N.M.H. '85
CandyMink> I will give El Producto if you can get me into the KISS world your this summer
reason> mega harsh dealage
JohnMink> tell me about it
reason> ok so what's up with the reocrd label?
JohnMink>  they suck

You can read the rest of this IRC chat over at Larry-bob’s website.

[ed. Larry-bob, let me know if you’re OK with me putting the entire thing here.]

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