looking at the ground below
I see it all and realize
there's nothing there to overthrow
there's nothing there to dignify

I do what I've done before
I walk where I've been so I know the way
and now I can't walk no more
I think that I'll slide into space

so where'd we go wrong with the gift
that was given
I wished to stop livin'
and a wish can come true
for all of the hours that we've taken for granted
I'd kill for a mile in another man's shoes
fly on 
dream on
breathe on
fly away

open up your eyes today
learn all the things that you want to know
take it all in stride today
and fight when it's your turn to go

I passed over water and looked to the sky
while no one was watching I said goodbye
adrift in a void I'm negated in darkness
and I'd kill for a mile in another man's...

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