January 22, 1996 at First Avenue

Venue: First Avenue

With: Arcwelder, Barb Cohen & Little Lizard, Eller Lynch, Grant Hart, Jerks of Fate, John Ewing, Mountain Singers, Paul Metsa, Push On Junior, Rhea Valentine, Run Westy Run, Slim Dunlap, Soul Asylum, Thea Emen [sic] & The Algorythms, Trailer Trash, Whoops Kitty

Note: Printed by Lunalux. I believe Hazelworks printed the t-shirts, although I have yet to find one. Kate Van Cleve designed the logo. She also created the cover art for ZuZu’s Petals album When No One’s Looking. Fun fact, there were a lot of other bands considered for the event: Prince, Brenda Kahn, Semisonic, Steeplejack, The Afghan Whigs, Sycamores, Ben Folds Five, Steele Shank, Tribe of Millions, Katy Thomasberg w/ the Distractors, The Cows, Likehell, and a number of others.

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