Walt Mink's Manager?

I found a 2014 blog post on the Tim Gartman website, entitled lunalux. Within this rather lengthy blog post is a tiny glimpse into the early Walt Mink days. Yay! As an extra bonus, I found a picture of the band (below). Amazing, right?! I’d never seen this picture before.

Walt Mink Group Photo

All credit to Colin Jensen, who it seems Annalisa borrowed this picture from.

I dont’ know why it never occurred to me before but of course the band had a manager. “Ben was the manager.” Ben Cooley. According to this short, wonderful paragraph, Ben lived with the band in a duplex. That makes sense.

Ben Cooley, by the way, is the same Ben Cooley that Chris Butler interviewed for the Walt Mink documentary.

Your editor in Mink, Andrew.

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