Updates for April 6 2024

It has been a minute. All is well. I am still hunting diligently for more evidence of Walt Mink’s presence here on Earth.

Here’s what’s new:

  • I had a few broken links to cleanup, so I took care of those.
  • I watched the Brittle Little Life compilation on YouTube. There were a number of clips I had never seen, so I watched the entire thing with a big smile. Would Double-Dees have been a better title than Colossus?
  • I learned that Walt Mink played with Weezer in a recent Los Angeles Times interview with the band (Weezer). Now I will hunt down details because that is what I do.
  • I also found a couple gig calendars from back in the early days. I am trying to reconcile the dates. I think both are new to the list of Shows.

Your editor in Mink, Andrew.

400 Bar Calendar for January

First Avenue Calendar for December 1990, January 1991

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