Updates for March 6, 2023

I search for Walt Mink merchandise a lot. I usually just find recordings, which I probably already own, but I occassionally find something really neat exciting.

Many months ago, I stumbled across the below picture on Petra Haden’s Instagram feed. It was tagged #waltmink and I never figured out why.

https://www.instagram.com/p/CQKq5itJmKi/Credit: petrahaden

That is, until I found one for myself!

1993 Walt Mink Shirt FrontFront. "Walt Mink"

1993 Walt Mink Shirt FrontBack. "First Come First Served All You Can Eat Tour 1993"

I am so stoked! I only have a couple Walt Mink shirts, and I save them for special occassions. I should probably limit their wear, as the number of holes has grown significantly.

Anyone else remember this shirt?

Your editor in Mink, Andrew.

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