Released June 17, 1997 on CD. Deep Elm Records.


Fast n’ Bulbous - June 17, 1997

“While Walt Mink may stylistically have more in common with the Meat Puppets and the Flaming Lips, I hereby stamp Colossus with the official Uncle Fester classic album status.” – Read the full review here.

Salt Lake Under Ground (SLUG) #103 - July 1997

What’s important to you? Guitar? Drums? Vocals/lyrics? How about all of the aforementioned? Good! If this is the case for you, my friend, then the sounds of Walt Mink will come on strong to you like sweet whiskey at the old Bar & Grill. Whipping up smooth vocals that tease the listener, not attack, they draw you into the seemingly innocent swirl of sound & noise before putting the hook deep into your attention. The obvious secret to the power of this trio is the complex simplicity that pours out of every song, blending many factions of rock (funk, core, metal, punk?), with a direct pop formula that makes for easy listening & enjoyment, no matter how crazy the rhythms or guitar work becomes (which is also a greater part of their appeal!).

The sweet note to make on this veteran indie band is you just can’t categorize them, only recognize styles & influences, & bottom line-enjoy the experience!

It is truly unique! Measure them in extremes, but set the dials wide, since they will hit all sides. Melodic & smooth, rough & tough, Walt Mink sets new standards for new music in this age of endless copycats. Face the future… Face Walt Mink!

Fracture zine #4 - 1998

I’m sure there’s a [Japanese] band called WALT MINK too, but it seems weird that two bands would call themselves a name like that. Am I missing something? Anyway, this WALT MINK is American suburban boys and I’m sitting on the fence for this one. It could be either (a) horrible semi-funky 60s sounding pop music or (b) hip jazzy pop-punk with oohs and aahs in abundance. The lack of any packing doesn’t help to make up my mind. Oh hang on, in the time it took me to type that last sentence I’ve decided this is former of the the two styles. No wait, the song that I really like has just started so I’ve changed my mind and decided it’s the latter of the two. I think. I don’t know. What’s my name? – RR

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